The Active Investor Blueprint – Steve Nison

The Active Investor Blueprint by Steve Nison shares a detailed walkthrough on how to become a profitable investor no matter how volatile the market becomes. 

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Steve Nison, Candlecharts Academy
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Course Overview

Steve Nison has spent many decades analyzing the markets. Most of this was for the benefit of trading firms and individual traders looking for a quick advantage.

As he managed his own retirement accounts, he realized that he could use many of the same methods to keep my account growing. And he was even able to protect it during the recent crashes so he didn’t lose ground.

It really bothered him that many of my friends and family were suffering from these big drops. The people managing their retirement accounts had no clue how to step out of the market when things got bad. And they had no idea how to ride big trends to maximize their growth.

So he decided to do something about it and that’s how the Active Investor Blueprint was born.


Course Outline

  • Candlestick Framework
  • Long-term trends
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts
  • Trendline strategies
  • ETFs
  • Breakout investing
  • Much more!


What Will You Learn?

  • Candlestick Framework: we will give you all the essentials you need to know about candlesticks so you are up to speed when Steve refers to them in the investment strategy sections
  • How to find longer term trends and why this is critical to your success
  • Discover how to intelligently combine daily, weekly and monthly chartst the longer-term charts show you the trend, and the short-term charts pinpoint the right times to invest
  • The two simple questions you must ask to determine how solid support or resistance is to help determine what will happen next
  • Simple strategies for using trendlines to boost investing confidence
  • Change of polaritya great tool to know exactly when to enter an investment on a correction
  • Snap and crack one of Steve’s favorite buying strategies
  • Falling off the roof learn this simple strategy to get out of investments before they collapse
  • How to intelligently use ETFs as a smart investment vehicle even if you are new to them
  • How investing with breakouts helps you enjoy a higher percentage of good investments
  • How to quickly sift through the “buy” lists found in personal finance magazines and popular TV shows such as Jim Cramer or CNBCso you can know which of their picks to follow or avoid like the plague
  • Discover the “three line break” chart to know which mutual funds and other investment vehicles have the highest probability long term investment set ups (this is the first time ever this method will be taught for use with mutual funds!)
  • Why Investing on the news could be financially disastrous
  • Options and candlesticks for investing: Topics will include candlesticks for timing of covered calls and short puts (even if new to these option strategies, Steve will bring you up to speed so that you can get full benefit of these strategies)
  • We will give you strategies for stocks mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, key future markets such as gold and crude oil, and options
  • Walk away with our valuable 6-Point Investing Checklist – this alone is worth the cost of this training!


Who Is This Course For?

The course will be a great help for every trader who

  • Desires to become your own financial advisor… and make confident, intelligent decisions.
  • Wants the skills to identify when to use the right investment vehicle for the right situation and time frame.
  • Has a retirement account in a 401k, IRA, 403b, or similar account.
  • Knows how to follow fundamentals… but wants to improve the accuracy of getting into investments at the right time and ahead of the crowd.
  • Puts money into a long-term accounts for their children/grandchildren such as a 529 plan
  • Invests in mutual funds or is thinking about it.
  • Wants to gain the ability to use charts to make financial investing more of a science rather than making random decisions or following stock picks from others.
  • Seeks strong confidence to make those critical investing decisions.
  • Hopes to sleep through the night without worrying about future money issues.

Steve Nison

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