G7FX Pro & Foundation Courses

With a proven curriculum – the same as that of famous institutions, G7FX Pro & Foundation Courses simply gives you the foothold as a professional trader.

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Course overview

A trading career in financial markets is a tough one. You as a trader can either achieve incredible profits or unfortunately have your money taken into somebody else’s accounts. But do not worry, G7FX Pro & Foundation Courses is here to rescue you from the latter situation by providing you with an excellently complete program for transforming learners from a fresh beginner to high-level professionals.

With a course curriculum with high capability for developing trading professionals, G7FX Pro & Foundation Courses offers step-by-step education in a variety of subjects including forex trading, futures trading, as well as secrets that professionals always keep to themselves.

Course outline

Founder Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 – Your Career Path: Business Plan
  • Module 2 – Raw Data: Time and Sales
  • Module 3 – Why Does Price Move?
  • Module 4 – Foundation Course Summary & Exercises
  • Module 5 – Sierra Chart Foundation Course Chartbook and Instructions
  • NEW Module 6 – G7FX Fundamentals

Pro Trader Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to the Pro Course
  • Stage 1 – Context (AMT)
  • Stage 2 – Hypothesis Building (VWAP & Profile)
  • NEW Stage – G7FX Fundamentals
  • Stage 3 – Orderflow (Footprint & CD)

What will you learn?

Founder Course Curriculum

  • Laying a plan for your career path
  • Differences between futures and standard forex
  • Insights into raw data of time and sales
  • Understanding why prices move with DOM live examples
  • Intro to AMT and trading around your profile
  • Introduction and installation of Sierra Chart Futures Platform

Pro Trader Course Curriculum

  • Understanding supply-side dominance
  • Balance vs imbalance
  • How to measure the probability
  • Utilizing static and dynamic value
  • How the author enters & exits trades
  • Value migration and live trading examples

Who is this course for?

G7FX Pro & Foundation Courses by G7fx is an all-in-one bundle that promises the same schooling program presented by the best institutions in the world, which holds great benefits for traders at all levels.



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