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Market Profile Video is a trading course that will teach traders about a technical concept using a revolutionary charting approach created by Peter Steidlmayer – Market Profile.

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Financial Markets

Course Overview

FutexLive Market Profile Video: The marketplace is packed with totally different players like big buyers, big sellers, scalpers, intraday traders, swing traders, and positional traders. The combined action of those players alone is the main reason behind price fluctuations, massive buyers and large sellers can execute their plans at different price levels, and that they cannot trade with one another at identical price levels. Others act as a bridge between these 2 payers by providing liquidity, as shown within the below image.


Being a retail traders who do not have a lot of say during this battle, retail traders ceaselessly troubled in creating profit however that ought to all return to a stop with the trading course Market Profile Video by FutexLive . The trading course Market Profile Video will offer traders knowledge about the technical idea with a novel charting technique developed by Peter Steidlmayer – Market Profile.

Course outline

  • Part 1: About Us
  • Part 2: Welcome
  • Part 3: Finish
  • Part 4: Futex Live Trader Manual 2017
  • Part 5: Futex Live Training Drills
  • Part 6: Market Profile
  • Part 7: Market Pro Introduction
  • Part 8: Price Ladder Training Introduction
    • Session 1: Key metrics with Market Profile
    • Session 2: Key metrics with Market Profile – part 2
    • Session 3: The Importance of Volume Nodes and Day Types
    • Session 4: TPO Counts and Opens
    • Session 5: Open Cont
    • Session 6: Key Rules in Market Profile
    • Session 7: Setting up Sierra Charts
    • Session 8: Sierra Charts Cont

What will you learn?

  • The method that may facilitate day traders establish alternative Timeframe Participants (Big players) who have cash and knowledge power.
  • A bit-by-bit guide on a way to create your charts for the right reading of a Market Profile (applicable to Sierra Charts Only).
  • Understanding about  Auction Theory and how it should influence your trading decisions.
  • Understanding about how the Open type affects the day and direction.
  • Understanding what Day type we are in and how you should use it to place trades.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to:

  • Traders who want to learn how to use this tool in their trading techniques.
  • Traders who want to know how to set up their charts for the perfect reading of a Market Profile (applicable to Sierra Charts Only).


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