POS+ English 30 Days Subscription – Surjeetkakkar

POS+ English 30 Days Subscription by Surjeet Kakkar will transform you into a better trader with sharper eyes on trading profitable opportunities.

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Surjeet Kakkar
MS Stock Trading

Course Overview

The best learning is the mix of knowledge, observation, and hands-on experience, which are all packed in the Performance Optimization Strategy (POS) course, with 30 days subscription of English live trading sessions.


The Supply and Demand Law forms the Performance Optimization Strategy (POS) to set up stock trading plans, strategies, and risk management to trade more profitably and consistently. The live trading sessions can be interpreted into Real World Trading Ideas, through which you can develop the rules to match your style, in any financial market, not just the stock market.


Course Outline

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Tools
  • POS_Certificiate.pdf


What Will You Learn?

  • Establishing rules can generate sustainability in the volatile market
  • Techniques to determine the critical turning points
  • Approaches for trading Indian Stocks, and many other financial markets as well
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

POS+ English 30 Days Subscription by Surjeet Kakkar is filled with practical knowledge that even beginners can utilize and apply to real-life trading situations.



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