Squeeze the Markets – Markay Latimer

Squeeze the Markets by Markay Latimer revolves around Bollinger Bands, an indicator designed to show market volatility.

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Markay Latimer
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

The teaching revolves around Bollinger Bands, an indicator designed to show market volatility. Bollinger Bands can mark the beginning of new moves, identify opportunities and display the strength of one move relative to another. Sometimes a stock will move sideways within a Bollinger Band channel; that’s when it’s playing a waiting game.


Course Outline

It’s a 4-DVD set that was filmed during one of Markay’s live trading education events.

  • How to find the sleeper candidates that may be ready to move
  • How to evaluate short-term momentum plays
  • How to locate early breakouts to potentially create more cash
  • How to enhance your ability by using the special fast settings created by Markay


What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn little known secrets that will enable you to get tighter Bollinger Band signals resulting in more profitable trades
  • How to use Bollinger Bands on intraday charts
  • Know correctly timing when to get into and when to get out of a trade is the true key to increased profits
  • How to react when the squeeze play occurs and the stock breaks through the upper Bollinger Band


Who Is This Course For?

Squeeze the Markets by Markay Latimer  is for all levels who want to take up trading and technical analysis in stock market.



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