No BS Eurex Webinar – No BS Day Trading

No BS Eurex Webinar by No BS Day Trading shares the techniques and strategies for futures and options trading in the Eurex market, for stable profitability.

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Course overview

No BS Eurex Webinar by No BS Day Trading sheds light on how to maintain the high profitability in the Eurex market where you trade futures and options. The instruction on the techniques, such as reading charts for insights into the market trends and price action, is provided in the No BS Eurex Webinar Course by No BS Day Trading.

The illustration of trading charts is provided in the No BS Eurex Webinar by No BS Day Trading, which helps you easily understand the guidelines for utilizing the techniques. The instruments of trading covered in the webinar include the Bund, Bobl, Euro Stoxx, and Dax.

Course outline

There are 12 video courses in total, which walks you through the whole process of trading in the Eurex market

  • Technical Analysis
  • Set up strategy

What will you learn?

  • Get the optimal timing of the market entries/exits and the trade starts/stops
  • Know how to use tools like Bund, Bobl, Euro Stoxx, and Dax
  • Maximize profits, reduce risks significantly
  • Understanding trading fundamentals

Who is the course for?

  • For those who want to beat the market with in-depth technical research
  • Beginner traders can still take the course
  • More profit optimization for day traders




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