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Price Ladder Training shares the software and techniques to find the best range of selling and buying orders for higher profitability.

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MS Order Flow Trading

Course overview

The combination of modern technologies, Price Ladder software, and the deep dives into the classic technical analysis of order flow generates the turbocharged power, which can be seen through how many profits that the frameworks can help you with.

The fundamentals of the trading market, such as buying, and selling orders, the basic concepts of order flows, the underlying tenets of market volatility, etc. are openly shared in the Price Ladder Training.

Course outline

  • The basic concepts of trading techniques are provided, such as the skill of reading order flows, the market structure, price, volume, buying, selling orders, and so on
  • The process of how to develop strategies and trading setups based on insights into the trading markets with the support of Price Ladder software and FutexLive Replay technology
  • Practice sessions where you can apply the knowledge and frameworks to trading with drills in different markets, such as range-bound, trending, high/low volatility, high/low volume, and so on

What will you learn?

  • Learn all elements of the price ladder and order flow trading in the financial markets
  • Know the strategies and patterns used by professional traders
  • Rapidly accelerate understanding of order bookshelves while cultivating order flow pattern identification in the context of futures price ladders

Who is the course for?

Price Ladder Training provides content for all levels to absorb technical analysis to help you decode the patterns of order flows for insights into market trends, price action, etc.



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