Order Flow Dynamics Course – Orderflows

Order Flow Dynamics Course by Order Flows walks you through how to read order flows and turn the insights into effective strategies and flexible tactics.

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MS Order Flow Trading

Course overview

The Order Flow Dynamics Course by Order Flows puts emphasis on reading order flows and the adaptation of the insights to the strategy development. The step-by-step guide is provided in the Order Flow Dynamics Course by Order Flows, with a detailed walk-through of the basics and the advanced concepts along with the common mistakes.

There are over 12 modules in which you learn the aspects of reading order flows in video courses. The illustrations of vivid charts and strategies are openly shared to complement the instruction on the theories.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: share with you the advantages of order flow trading techniques, such as helping you pinpoint the transaction of volume in the market structure
  • Module 2: highlights how the order flows can help you generate the essential data points
  • Module 3: the step-by-step guideline of how-to is provided for you to adapt to your trading.
  • Module 4: guides you on how to Trade Vertical Versus Horizontal
  • Module 5: walks you through how to capitalize on the fresh money flow in the trading market with the aid of order flow trading
  • Module 6: sheds light on the order flow rotation, in terms of how to spot it and the insights in such rotation into the trading plan setup
  • Module 7: shows you how to recognize the initiative and responsive order flow
  • Module 8: shares illuminating insights into the stop hunt
  • Module 9: shows the collection of top-order flow dynamics setups including The Five, Parallel Bars, Naked POCs, Layering In, Bid/Ask Ratio, Delta Pair Ups, and so on
  • Module 10: instructs you on the techniques of the trade, risk, and money management
  • Module 11: compiles all the best practices of order flow techniques
  • Module 12: wraps up the course with the combination of all the aforementioned methods for the optimum trading strategies and techniques based on the insights from order flow reading

What will you learn?

  • Determination of trading volume in the market structure
  • Method of determining the rotation of the command line to help you to identify the best timing for the market entries or exits, the trades starts or stops.
  • The techniques can help you gain long-term profitability
  • How to keep your trading account safe from the trading pitfalls by the techniques trade, risk, and money management
  • The advantages that order flows could provide are to point out the stop being triggered

Who is the course for?

Highly recommended for any traders at any trading level, who would like to read charts with this technique.


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