The Order Flow Playbook – Orderflows

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The Order Flow Playbook includes information gleaned from the trainer’s personal trading experience as well as contact with other successful order flow traders.

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Order Flow Trading

Course Overview

The Order Flow Playbook, There is no Holy Grail when it comes to trading. Traders search long and hard for the right set or combination of indicators and filters thinking they will find the key to unlocking the mystery of the market. The reason they fail over and over is because they don’t understand what is actually going on in the market at any given time. It is not by some mathematical combination or distorting of price.

The closest thing to a Holy Grail in trading is becoming a consistent trader. But how does one become a consistent trader? Trading is a profession and just like any profession, be it a doctor, lawyer, athlete or trader, it requires continual daily learning, practice and reinforcement which continues to build upon and deepen your market understanding. That is why the Order Flow Playbook was created.

The Order Flow Playbook contains material gathered from the trainer’s personal trading expertise as well as interactions with other successful order flow traders who have discussed their market technique with the trainer.

The Order Flow Playbook Course outline

  • Module 1 – Getting an edge with order flow:Learn how to take the information generated from order flow to find your edge in the market.
  • Module 2 – Market structure:Learn what market structure is and how to trade around it. Money is made trading around the edges of market structure. Don’t get caught off-side for failing to understand structure.
  • Module 3 – Market strength and weakness:Learn how to determine when the market is strong or weak. When you understand the underlying strength or weakness together with market structure you will see the market truly revealing itself.
  • Module 4 – Volume, trends, breakouts, failure and trapped traders:Learn how volume affects what is happening in the market. How to detect the early signs of a trend. How to trade breakouts and recognize failures. Quickly see areas where traders can get trapped.
  • Module 5 – Order flow trade setups, part 1:
    • Thin prints.
    • Double tops & bottoms.
    • Forging markets.
    • Bounce markets.
    • Weak hands.
  • Module 6 – Order flow trade setups, part 2:
    • Recovery bar.
    • Breakout bar.
    • Multi imbalances.
    • Extreme delta.
    • Last ditch attempt.
  • Module 7 – Trade execution and management:Learn how to use order flow to manage your trade so that you can really cut your losing trades early and maximize your winning trades.
  • Module 8 – The wrap up:Putting it all together to become an intelligent and consistent trader.

What will you learn?

  • Learn the methods and setups used by other traders who are already pulling out consistent daily profits in the market..
  • Improve your trading just as in any other business.
  • Learn from people who are already successful.

Who is this course for?

The Order Flow Playbook is designed to:

  • Traders who want to better understand what is actually going on in the market at any given time.
  • Traders who want to shorten the learning curve and quickly improve their trading skills.


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