Head of Proprietary Trading at G7FX

Neerav Vadera is an experienced trader who specializes in Institutional Forex and Futures trading. After working with Central Banks, Hedge Funds and Private Individuals and amassing valuable experience, he founded G7FX. This platform offers a Professional Institutional trading education built on his own experience at some of the world’s top firms. 

Neerav’s ethos is to provide the information that really matters to those who want to start trading. G7FX fulfills his initial vision of offering the same standard of training that is given in the best global institutions. 

Neerav Vadera believes that for people who are serious about trading, it’s vital that they learn from the best. Since leaving the trading floor, he has consistently made money as a profitable private trader on cross markets. 

For further details of the G7FX training courses, go to To learn more about Neerav’s thought leadership, analysis, commentary and news updates on the trading markets, you can visit

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