Primary Language of Market – Dr. Gary Dayton

Primary Language of Market by Dr. Gary Dayton will help traders level up their trading intellect level immensely and guide how to use Wyckoff Bar-by-bar trading.

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Course overview

The trading course Primary Language of Market is established and will be carried out by Dr.Gary Dayton – a trading psychologist with the philosophy of trading mindfully. The trading course Primary Language of Market will be delivering a completely new approach for traders in terms of chart reading and how to analyze it and Trading Psychology Edge has designed the trading course materials to be highly comprehensive so that traders can advance their level of understanding as soon as possible.

Course outline

  • The intri­ca­cies of read­ing price bars and volume
  • What wide spread bars mean
  • The implications of high volume (there are several to be aware of)
  • The implications of low volume (there are several to be aware of)
  • The market contexts in which narrow range bars are important
  • What to look for, bar-by-bar, in trending markets—both up and down trends
  • One key indication in price and volume that gives a very strong indication that a trend is over
  • Important market cues to pay attention to that signal a trend is likely
  • Confirming indications that a trend remains intact and that you shouldn’t exit a winning trade prematurely – these are usually very clear and will help keep you in the trade
  • Early warning signs that signal a trend is likely coming to an end – these tell you it is time to lighten up on your position or exit entirely
  • Using market waves along with bar-by-bar analysis—a critical chart reading skill
  • Exclusive: How to apply the Weis Wave with bar-by-bar trading!
  • How to tell the difference between a normal pullback and a trend change
  • Using price bars and volume for entries – we will go over several
  • Where to set stops based on price and volume
  • How to integrate higher time frames on a bar-by-bar basis for very powerful trading
  • We will walk-forward a few markets bar-by-bar to give you a feel of reading the market real-time.

What will you learn?

  • Predict any upcoming moves in the financial market
  • How to read the chart effectively with the Wyckoff Bar by Bar methodology and the original language of the market using only price and volume
  • Technical Analysis for bar-by-bar trading

Who is the course for?

  • Those who are new or have been trading for a while
  • There is no psychological balance when participating in the market


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