Symmetry: The Power Tool – Simpler Trading

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Symmetry: The Power Tool by Simpler Trading shows the tools as well as strategies for the more accurate project of market movements. 

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Simpler Trading, Carolyn Borden
Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Symmetry: The Power Tool by Simpler Trading shares the basics of this tool as well as its support with your trading. The strategies and techniques are dissected for illuminating insights into the core principles behind successful frameworks. The right tracks of how to use the tool for a more accurate projection of market movements are shared. The illustrations of case studies and examples are shown so that you can learn through the lens of reality.

Course Outline

The main points that the course will walk you through include:

  • What Symmetry in trading is.
  • The usage of Symmetry for the projection of support and resistance levels.
  • How to adapt Symmetry Projections to Thinkorswim and Dynamic Trader.
  • How to blend Symmetry with your present-day trading plan.
  • The identification of possible reversals in the trading market.
  • How to take advantage of symmetry to bail out harmful situations at the right timing.
  • And so much more!

What Will You Learn?

  • Defining Symmetry in trading
  • Using Symmetry Projections to identify key support and resistance levels Power Tool
  • Running Symmetry Projections in Thinkorswim and Dynamic Trader
  • Incorporating Symmetry into your existing day-trading plan
  • Identifying possible reversals in the market
  • Leveraging Symmetry for Stop Loss Orders

Who Is This Course For?

  • Symmetry: The Power Tool by Simpler Trading supports all traders from beginner to advanced levels
  • Those who want to have an in-depth understanding of technical analysis


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