Electronic Trading. TNT II. How-to-Win Trading Stuff – Joe Ross

Electronic Trading. TNT II. How-to-Win Trading Stuff by Joe Ross helps you to learn about the realities and truth of actual trading and how to become a true winner in the markets.

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Trading Educators, Joe Ross
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Course Overview

Electronic Trading ‘TNT’ II – How-to-Win Trading Stuff teaches the electronic trader how to deal with the psychological hang-ups that cause traders to lose in the markets. As you read through it, you will find a description of yourself. Revealed in this manual is a marvelous way to control your trading so that you are trading only when you have the highest and best probability of winning.


Course Outline

  • Foreword
  • A Special Message from the Authors
  • Chapter 1. Let’s get on with it
  • Chapter 2. Most traders know how to trade
  • Chapter 3. Mental gridlock
  • Chapter 4. Patterns, rules, and procedures
  • Chapter 5: Expecting markets to be logical
  • Chapter 6: Believing you are not intuitive
  • Chapter 7: Thinking you have to trade
  • Chapter 8: Making a science out of an art form
  • Chapter 9: Trying for perfection
  • Chapter 10: Self-examination
  • Chapter 11: It’s a business
  • Chapter 12: Mistake
  • Chapter 13: Wistful Willie Wheat
  • Chapter 14: Let’s you put back together
  • Chapter 15: Knowledge
  • Chapter 16: Trading wisdom
  • Chapter 17: Trading rules
  • Chapter 18: Patience
  • Chapter 19: Perseverance
  • Chapter 20: Honesty and truth
  • Chapter 21: Building character
  • Chapter 22: Making profits
  • Chapter 23: Taking profits slowly
  • Chapter 24: Flexibility
  • Chapter 25: Management
  • Chapter 26: Technical Analysis
  • Chapter 27: The real problem in the market
  • Chapter 28: Some excellent trading rules
  • Chapter 29: Minimizing losses
  • Chapter 30: Becoming an intuitive trader
  • Chapter 31: Wrap-up
  • Appendix A. A composite
  • Appendix B. Gems of wisdom
  • Appendix C. Chart reading
  • Appendix D. Market markers


What Will You Learn?

  • Learn clever ways to manage your trading so that you extract profits from it on a regular basis – a skilled craftsman happily trading for much more than just a living
  • Learn how to plan your trades, and plan your trading business
  • Learn how to set goals and trade with objectives
  • Learn to control your emotions


Who Is This Course For?

Electronic Trading ‘TNT’ II – How-to-Win Trading Stuff is for all traders who learn the secret of how to know exactly when to trade.


Joe Ross

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