Video Series – Peter Worden

Video Series by Peter Worden introduced you to the phenomenal MoneyStream concepts that will help you outsmart the market and consistently profit.

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MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Video Series by Peter Worden will help you pick up critical MoneyStream® concepts that will improve your technical analysis ability to follow the clever money trail in the market. You’ll learn how MoneyStream relates to price through both confirming and contradictory chart patterns; Peter Worden will walk you step-by-step through many charts to provide concrete examples of favorable practices in this unique cumulative indicator.


Course Outline

  • Peter Worden – Interpreting Time-Segmented Volume
  • Peter Worden – Interpreting Balance of Power
  • Peter Worden – Interpreting MoneyStream
  • Peter Worden – Scanning & Sorting with MoneyStream
  • Peter Worden – Uncover Resilient Stocks in Today’s Market
  • Peter Worden – Winning Stock Selection Simplified (Vol I, II, and III)


What Will You Learn?

  • What MoneyStream is trying to tell you
  • How to spot both positive and negative divergences between price and MoneyStream
  • How to identify ideal price and MoneyStream chart setups for both bullish and bearish trades
  • Best practices in using historical charts to learn and practice a new method of indicator interpretation
  • What each of the proprietary indicators is telling you about price movement
  • How large block trading impacts the flow of stocks
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

Video Series by Peter Worden is a package dedicated to technical analysis techniques and methods that is perfectly suited for advanced traders.



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