Electronic Trading. TNT IV. Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Tactics for Traders – Joe Ross

Electronic Trading. TNT IV. Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Tactics for Traders by Joe Ross is Over 380 pages that will blast your trading to ever greater levels of success.

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Trading Educators, Joe Ross
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Electronic Trading ‘TNT’ IV Tips-Tricks and Other Trading Stuff. This manual, will, when combined with Electronic Trading ‘TNT’ I, II, and III, constitute a complete course in electronic trading for both day traders and position traders. Tips-Tricks and Other Trading Stuff will bring together some of the greatest trading strategies and tactics ever assembled in one manual.


Course Outline




  • Chapter 1. Disgruntled
  • Chapter 2. Achieving perfection
  • Chapter 3. Thoughts on managing money
  • Chapter 4. Admit when you ‘re wrong
  • Chapter 5. What’ s your eq?
  • Chapter 6. Money management
  • Chapter 7. Trading is an art
  • Chapter 9. Experience
  • Chapter 10. Are you a loser?
  • Common sense trading
  • Chapter 12. The ultimate stop loss



  • Chapter 13. Rhythm trading
  • Chapter 14. Gimmees
  • Chapter 15. The concept of second time through
  • Chapter 16. The sweet chariot
  • Chapter 17. Day trade vs position trade
  • Chapter 18. Staying with a trend
  • Chapter 19. Weak hands vs strong hands
  • Chapter 20. Learning by inspection
  • Chapter 21. Baby steps – giant steps
  • Chapter 22. A true story
  • Chapter 23. The camelback technique
  • Chapter 24. Divergence decisions
  • Chapter 25. Keltner channel
  • Chapter 26. Thrust bars
  • Chapter 27. Market manipulation
  • Chapter 28. Liquidation
  • Chapter 29. Some intraday favorites
  • Chapter 30. 1-2-3’ s and bollinger bands


APPENDIX A. The law of charts

APPENDIX B. The trader’ s trick one more time

APPENDIX C. Ientifying congestion




What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how the insiders operate and how to beat them at their own game
  • Learn how to combine chart reading with unique indicator settings to get an edge on the competition
  • Learn how to use a special indicator (widely available) to keep you in a trend longer than most traders would dare to stay
  • Learn how to properly scalp a market for quick profits
  • Learn some new tricks that will take your trading to new heights


Who Is This Course For?

Electronic Trading. TNT IV. Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Tactics for Traders is for anyone who want to take up technical analysis trading.


Joe Ross

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