Ultimate Guide To Technical Trading (Dec 2013) – Alessio Rastani

Learn the fundamentals of trading with support and resistance, technical patterns and indicators like moving averages and volume weighted averages with the Ultimate Guide To Technical Trading (Dec 2013)! 

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Alessio Rastani, Leading Trader
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

In recent years, technical analysis has grown in scope. We investigate the psychology of technical analysis and why it works 60-70 percent of the time. Technical analysis is divided into various categories: price indicators, support and resistance levels, momentum indicators, volume indicators, oscillators, and statistical price movement indicators. We cut through the clutter and show you why four or five signs are all you truly need to make educated entry and exit decisions. Technical analysis is self-fulfilling and provides in-depth insight into crowd behavior.

Course Outline

  • Preparation (practice)
  • Take Action! (application)
  • Keep It Simple! (simplification)
  • False Breakouts
  • Period to stay away from the Market
  • How to Know When Odds Turn Against You as early as possible
  • My Rule For Using A Stop Loss
  • LT Trend and Pulse Multi-timeframes
  • Implied Volatility and Market
  • Effective Fibonacci Analysis – made simple
  • Beyond Technical Analysis
  • Practical Success “Next Step” Class

What Will You Learn?

  • What exactly is technical analysis, and why is crowd psychology so essential in markets?
  • Why are price indicators referred to as “lagging” indicators?
  • What are some possible “leading” indicators?
  • A look at moving averages and which ones are useful.
  • What are the most reliable indicators of short, medium, and long-term trends?
  • Changing the timing of your technical indicators

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who are interested in Markets, stocks, trading and investing.


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