AmiBroker Introductory and Advanced Courses – Trading Markets

AmiBroker Introductory and Advanced Courses – Trading Markets teaches you how to backtest your best trading ideas in one day. You can start the course with minimal to no knowledge on how to backtest in AmiBroker.

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Trading Markets
MS Technical Analysis

Course overview

With AmiBroker Introductory and Advanced Courses – Trading Markets, you will start from the beginning and within hours have the skill to take one of the Strategy Guidebooks and program it in AmiBroker yourself. Plus, your personal code will generate the signals for the upcoming day!

This course is designed for Technical Analysis.

Course Outline

  • AmiBroker from 10,000 Feet (20 min)
  • Data Sources (20 min)
  • Auto Analysis Window (30 min)
  • Coding Part 1 (40 min)
  • Exercise: Running a Scan (20 min)
  • Coding Part 2 (40 min)
  • Exercise: Explorations (10 min)
  • Coding: Indicators (20 min)
  • Exercise: Adding a Custom Indicator (10 min)
  • Backtesting (30 min)
  • Exercise: Running a backtest on the ConnorsRSI Selective Strategy (30 min)
  • Common Mistakes (20 min)


What will you learn?

  • How to program a strategy.
  • How to backtest and validate that strategy.
  • How to improve upon that strategy.
  • How to receive the daily signals for that strategy.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for traders who want to learn how to use AmiBroker to create backtests and/or generate trading signals, but who have little or no familiarity with the AmiBroker language.



  • A desire to learn basic AmiBroker programming.
  • AmiBroker version 5.5 or later installed.
  • A data source configured to work with AmiBroker.


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