Ali Pashaei’s SPY Weekly Strategy – All Three Classes

This course shows what to focus on and how to approach the strategy for minimizing loses and creating great returns over the long run.

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Course Overview

Ali Pashaei’s SPY Weekly Strategy consists of 2 hours and 40 minutes of core training. Moreover, the course adds another 4 hours and 46 minutes of extra training to tweak the strategy. You will learn trade management techniques you could follow for all of your option trades.

Course outline

Class 1 – The Foundation

  • The Foundation Template
  • Two Management Variations
  • Customization Guidelines
  • The logic behind each step
  • Risk Management Guidelines
  • Position sizing guidelines

Class 2 – Timing and Adapting

  • Timing Model
  • Scale-in Models & Techniques
  • Hedging in Different Volatility Condition
  • Management Techniques in Different Volatility Condition

Class 3 – Advanced Methods

  • Bullish Variations – for strong up trends
  • Bearish Variations – for down trends
  • Advanced Hedging
  • Legging Techniques
  • Using Leverage

What will you learn?

  • The way to reduce the losses and optimize profits
  • Define your risk and risk management strategy
  • How to size your position in the market and scale your trade-up
  • How to increase returns during up trend and down trend

Who is this course for?

Ali Pashaei’s SPY Weekly Strategy course is not for beginning traders or those with less than 1 year of options trading experience.



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