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Weekly Cash Flow Trading Spreads by Simpler Trading walks you through techniques and strategies for options trading in simple words and through real case studies. Thus, you can learn practical frameworks rather than useless theories. 

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Simpler Trading
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Course Overview

If you are into options trading, you will love what Weekly Cash Flow Trading Spreads by Simpler Trading instructs. It is a sneak show of how a professional options trader uses methods and strategies to maintain incredible probability amidst the volatile market.

You can learn many trading strategies in a one-of-a-kind course through real trading charts and case studies. It reviews showtime to showcase how amazing the frameworks of trading have been.

You do not have any worries about whether your trading knowledge is enough or not. The trading strategies are explained in simple language, along with the practical applications to options trading. You do not read a book full of theories but watch a video full of images and visuals of charts.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Weekly Credit Spreads.
  • Deep dives into proven frameworks.
  • Real case studies and trading charts.

What Will You Learn?

  • The best ways of setting up the weekly credit spread strategies of options trading.
  • How to profitably trade in various trading circumstances, whether it is for uptrends, downtrends, and neutral markets.
  • How to utilize credit spreads to earn top-out profits in the options trading market.
  • A comprehensive walk-through on practical technical methods for high profits.
  • Instructions on expiration, trading vehicles, and strike.
  • Glimpses into the system of money management for long-term profitability.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is suitable for any options trader at any level as it combines theory instructions with illustrated case studies and examples.



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