Iron Condors & Butterflies Course – Option Elements

Iron Condors & Butterflies Course by Option Elements provides unique approaches to options trading. The step-by-step guideline and real case studies help you earn higher options profits!

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Course Overview

Iron Condors & Butterflies Course by Option Elements walks you through many aspects of options trading, such as timing, risk management, powerful techniques, etc. There are also case studies and examples in the course. So, you can learn techniques and strategies through the lens of reality.


Course Outline

Vertical Spreads – Calls & Puts

  • Definition
  • Premium
  • Short & Long
  • Tips about Iron Condors
  • High Probability
  • Low Probability
  • Others

Philosophy of Successful Trading with Iron Condors

  • The Essence of the Trade
  • Risk Management
  • Consistency is the Key

Why Traders fail with this Strategy

  • The Importance of Volatility,
  • Implied and Historical
  • Aspects of Iron Condors
  • Traders are Unaware of
  • Extrinsic Time Value
  • Why & When to Adjust

Basic Rules

  • Different Types of Adjustments on the Upside
  • Different Types of Adjustments on the Downside


  • The Importance of Timing
  • The Best Methodology for You
  • Different Styles and Psychology of Each Trader
  • Iron Condor “No Touch”, no Adjustments
  • Importance of Back Testing


  • Understanding Probabilities
  • Preparing a Good Plan
  • Money Management
  • When to Trade & When not to Trade


What Will You Learn?

  • Practical applications of the Complex Iron Condor and Iron Butterfly Options Trading strategy.
  • The simple and effective method of calculating the winning rates in option trading.
  • Choosing which contracts to trade and how to swap them.
  • Minimizing risk significantly while maximizing profits when trading options.
  • Producing consistent profits on technical analysis charts.


Who Is This Course For?

Iron Condors & Butterflies Course by Option Elements covers almost all concepts of options trading when applying condors and butterflies. So, the course is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders!



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