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The Iron Condor Class (2013) by Sheridan Mentoring presents the ultimate education so that you can start off your options trading journey and earn high profits.

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Course Overview

The trading magnificence Iron Condor Class (2013) by Sheridan Mentoring is a set of video recordings from the actual live class. Iron Condors are an amazing manner to start buying and selling options – they’re clean to understand, easy to trade, and easy to monitor.

In this practical class – Iron Condor Class (2013), Dan and his mentors display a way to trade a whole lot of Iron Condors relying on the stock and marketplace variables. They teach 8 precise methodologies for Iron Condor trading. You will watch as they placed on 6 real trades and spot how they regulate the trades for maximum profitability before taking them off.

Course Outline

  • Class #1: Different IC types and Insurance
  • Class #2: 9-day No Touch IC, 9-day IC with Adjustments, and 30-day IC with just the Put side and a debit spread overlay.
  • Class #3: The Low Prob IC.
  • And so much more!

What Will You Learn?

  • Glimpses into how professionals adapt iron condor strategies to options trading.
  • Practical frameworks come along with real case studies and in-depth analysis.
  • Earning higher profits from options trading while undertaking lower risks.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is for every options trader at every level thanks to its complete guidelines and illustrated case studies.


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