NY 1 – Raj Malhotra – Pricing Options Like a Market Maker

Pricing Options Like a Market Maker by NY 1 by Raj Malhotra helps retail traders lose money by understanding price movements.

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Course overview

Pricing Options Like a Market Maker by NY 1 – Raj Malhotra lasts 43 minutes including knowledge about options trading, and price volatility. Help investors reduce the risk of being trapped by the market to lose money.

The course helps more than 80% of retail traders protect their capital by understanding pricing knowledge like a professional market maker.

Course outline

Pricing Options Like a Market Maker Course last 43 minutes:

  • The motivations of Options Market Makers and why and how they price Volatility and Options in the way they do
  • How Options Market Makers operate and price Volatility and Options to help investors and traders get an edge over the Market Markers (Brokerage Platforms).

What will you learn?

  • Realizing when mispricings of Options occur so they can take advantage of Brokerage Platforms
  • Know if the Options prices and the price of Volatility are a fair and accurate reflection of reality

Who is the course for?

  • For retail traders, options trading
  • Understand the basic rules of options trading


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