Insider’s Guide to Generating Income using Options Strategies Course (Oct 2014) – Simpler Options

Insider’s Guide to Generating Income using Options Strategies Course (Oct 2014) by Simpler Options walks you through practical income strategies and methods to earn consistent returns.

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Course Overview

Trading Weekly Options can be a dynamic mechanism that can generate quick profits or quick losses based on how you use them. In more than 22 hours of Insider’s Guide to Generating Income using Options Strategies Course (Oct 2014) by Simpler Options, John breaks down how he trades Weekly Options.

He spends one full day covering his methodology including 3 things every options trader needs to learn to avoid consistently losing money and his favorite strategy for turning a 68% probability into a 95% probability.

He will then spend 3 whole days live trading his methods. There is so much information in this course we can’t cover it all here, scroll down to see more of the topics covered in this best-selling course.

Course Outline

  • The Best Times to Trade Like a Market Maker
  • How to Have a Steady Equity Curve Week after Week
  • The Three Things Every Options Trader Needs to Learn or They Will Consistently Lose Money
  • What are the Best Stocks & ETFs to Trade Weekly and Which Ones Should be Avoided Like the Plague
  • How to Risk 50 Cents to Potentially Make $5 Every Week
  • My Favorite Strategy for Turning a 68% Probability into a 95% Probability
  • The best daily and intraday scans in key stocks and ETFs, and how to choose which of these to trade weekly options on
  • Learn his daily ritual that gets him in the right mindset for trading
  • How to position size correctly in real time for maximum P&L impact and risk control
  • What to do when things go wrong – Defensive Strategy

What Will You Learn?

  • Sharings by an insider to learn from his experience and knowledge.
  • A guide on techniques and strategies for profitable trades.
  • Best practices of risk management to minimize losses and enhance profitability.
  • How to pick potential stocks generating consistent returns.
  • Trading psychology behind successful trades.
  • Real-world trading case studies.
  • And so much more!

Who Is This Course For?

The course is great for those who have traded stocks or options for a while.



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