Don Fishback ODDS The Key to 95 Winners

Via the Don Fishback ODDS The Key to 95% Winners, Don demonstrates how to calculate the estimated profit or loss on a transaction before you place it.

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Don Fishback, ODDS
MS Options Trading

Course Overview

Just like the earlier version, Don teaches you all of the important details of his “ODDS High-Probability” formulas for success. This time, however, we go one GIANT step further. Don shows you how to know in advance of placing your trade, what the expected profit or loss on the trade will be.


The tools provided in this video will enable you to trade like professionals who know how to balance risk, reward, and probability for the best possible return.


Course Outline

  • ODDS Video: Key To 95% Winners (Includes DVD, Manual & Several Bonuses)
  • High Accuracy ODDS Trading Manual
  • How to Spot 90% Winners Instantly
  • Options for Beginners ebook
  • How to Win 80% of Your Trades or Better Special Report


What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to trade so that you may profit whether the stock rises or falls.
  • Learn how to utilize gamma to ensure that your earning potential is limitless.
  • Learn how to calculate the delta of every transaction you make.
  • Learn about fair value and the most typical blunders that traders make.


Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who wants to understand not only about the tactics employed in personal trading, but also about the unique trading regulations for each system.
  • Anyone who looks for the course can assist them in immediately putting what they’ve learnt into practice.


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