The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques – A New Course by Dr. Gary


The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques by Dr. Gary will empower you to read the market like a professional trader.

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Options Trading

Course overview

The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques was written by Dr. Gary, who has been trading since 1999. The course will turn you into a professional trader by teaching you to judge the market by price and volume or liquidity. Learners will also learn how to view sales figures, analyze charts and identify where a business’s performance is in the market structure.

Besides, you will also know more about when to stop trading to preserve profits or how to deal with a bad price situation at the very beginning of the Options Trading. Keeping the psychology of trading is also an important part of this key.


Course outline

The premium bar-by-bar market trading techniques course includes 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Recorded Tutorial – lasting 2+ hours
  • Part 2: Recorded Tutorial – lasting 2.5+ hours

What will you learn?

  • How to read the market, bar by bar, from one 1-minute diagram to a monthly diagram
  • What is the significance of large volume and aberrant activity
  • What a low loudness and sluggishness
  • How can I know whether a reversal is likely to continue the trend
  • Sack holding and market capping
  • What does a bar range mean, encompassing narrow and broad bars?
  • What climate measures do you mean, how we can observe them and how we may exchange them?
  • A critical price and volume that supports the end of a trend
  • Thinking about waves and using the wave
  • Reduction of pricing bars and waves
  • What to look for is the finish of a rally and the start of a retreat
  • What does this mean when the market absorbs supply and what ways to see it?
  • Effort vs. when it becomes essential

Who is this course for?

The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques spends for traders that:

  • Having the foundation of trading
  • Want to accelerate their trading skills and become a professional trader


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