Dynamic Hedging – Nassim Taleb

Dynamic Hedging by Nassim Taleb covers a lot of topics, including options trading itself but also risk management as well as exotic markets.

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Nassim Taleb
MS Options Trading

Course Overview

Destined to become a market classic, Dynamic Hedging by Nassim Taleb is the only practical reference in exotic options trading, hedging, and arbitrage for professional traders and money managers. Watch the professionals. From central banks to brokerages to multinationals, institutional investors are flocking to a new generation of exotic and complex options contracts and derivatives.


Course Outline

  • Introduction – Dynamic Hedging
  • Introduction to the Instruments
  • The generalized Option
  • Market-making and market-using
  • Liquidity and liquidity holes
  • Arbitrage and the arbitrageurs
  • Volatility and correlation
  • Adapting Black-Scholes-Merton: the delta
  • Gamma and shadow gamma
  • Vega and volatility surface
  • Theta and minor Greeks
  • The Greeks and their behaviors
  • Fungibility, convergence, and stacking
  • Some wrinkles of the options market
  • Bucketing and topography
  • Beware the distribution
  • Option trading concepts
  • Binary options: European style
  • Binary options: American style
  • Barrier options (1)
  • Barrier options (2)
  • Compound, choosers, and higher-order options
  • Multiasset options
  • Minor exotics: look back and Asia options
  • Other additional modules


What Will You Learn?

  • The key to trading derivatives, especially options
  • Risk management that targets the real-world needs of professional traders and money managers
  • A practical, real-world methodology for monitoring and managing all the risks associated with portfolio management


Who is This Course For?

Dynamic Hedging by Nassim Taleb covers complex topics regarding options trading and hedging, which may greatly benefit advanced options traders.



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