Unusual Options Activity Master Course – Andrew Keene

This course trains you how to use unusual options activity to trade like top hedge fund managers and other institutional traders.

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Course overview

Overall of Unusual Options Activity Master Course is designed to train anyone interested in becoming faster, more consistent, and more profitable in options trading.

Course outline

  • Unusual Options Activity Master Course
  • Risk Disclaimer
  • The Master Course
  • Why Trade Unusual Options Activity?
  • Four Types of Option Orders
  • Is that Trade Bullish or Bearish?
  • Understanding Terminology
  • Different Term
  • Ex-Div Traders are not UOA
  • What is a Buy-Write?
  • I LOVE the Word: “Sweep
  • Opening Positions are Great Trades
  • Cancelled Trades can be Tricky
  • Past performance is not indicative of future results
  • What makes a Spread a Spread?
  • Deep ITM Calls or Pust is not UOA
  • I want BIG Speculative Bets
  • Using Past Experiences
  • Some Things to Think About
  • How to Read Unusual Options Activity Example
  • That same night a higher bid came in for the company
  • Recent Examples Of UOA Here are the exits I was able to take
  • The Unusual Options Activity Trading Plan
  • O: Options Volume Vs. Open Interest
  • O: Options Volume Vs. Open Interest
  • A New Part of the Trading Plan
  • O: Open Interest Across All Expirations
  • V: Average Stock Volume
  • The Quantity of the Trade isn’t Always Important
  • When Should a Trader Day/Swing Trade?
  • When to Day Trade Equity Options
  • Rule #1 Day Trading Options
  • Rule #2 Day Trading Options
  • When to Swing Trade vs. Day Trade
  • Swing Trading Options Rules
  • Many Options with Options
  • When Use this Plan? When Does a Trader Use This Plan?
  • Our Live Trading Room and Platinum Package

What will you learn?

  • Why call buying is not always bullish and put buying not always bearish
  • How to read options volume versus open interest, and why average stock volume is important
  • What to look for to differentiate between speculative option orders and those placed to hedge against a stock position (these options expire on Friday, listed the Thursday before)
  • When a position is ‘opening’ or ‘closing’
  • Keene’s OCRRBTT trading plan for looking at open interest, chart, risk, reward, break-even, time, and target for potential trade setups

Who is this course for?

Anyone can join the Unusual Options Activity Master Course, from those who have no background or experience in options trading, swing trading, and day trading.



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