Transparent FX Course -Transparent FX Trading

Transparent FX Course -Transparent FX Trading is a comprehensive mentoring program that teaches you the specific rules to maximize your earnings.

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Course overview

Transparent FX Course -Transparent FX Trading is for you if you want to understand how to deal with extreme precision in your trading. This comprehensive mentoring program will teach you how to trade using all rules-based approaches and will prepare you to begin trading with confidence and emotion.

This course is designed for Swing Trading.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • I.C.I strategy
  • W.M strategy
  • T.L.C.T strategy
  • Wrap things up
  • New extra service (backtesting sessions)
  • Trade with institutions
  • Cheat sheet

What will you learn?

  • How to create a market map:What methods are used to identify key levels, intermediate key levels, and patterns?
  • How to determine the direction of the market: Multi-timeframe analysis, advanced patterns in high-timeframe analysis, and more. The use of Fibonacci and trend lines, real and fictitious trends, as well as how to keep market makers from manipulating the market.
  • What it takes to swing: a steady stream of orders from an institution, a huge quantity of orders, tiny patterns of time periods. What you should include in your submissions, and how to specify them. Money that is intelligent versus money that is dumb. How to do business as if you were a machine.
  • Probability and Risk Management: How to be continuously effective over the long term The importance of risk-reward trade-offs. The probability of victory and the rate at which it occurs. Putting the strategies for gaining confidence to the test.
  • L.C.T.L strategy; comprehensive strategy rules and testing sessions; access to weekly seminars on Live Strategy; and the I.C.I. and W.M. strategies.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who are looking to enhance their technical analysis and trading abilities.



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