Momentum As a Leading Indicator – Top Dog Trading System

Momentum As a Leading Indicator – Top Dog Trading System shows how to take the skills learned in the first course and use momentum as a leading indicator to uncover those changes in trends.

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Top Dog Trading
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Course overview

Momentum As a Leading Indicator – Top Dog Trading System includes an additional manual and two videos that explain six powerful trading patterns. These tools demonstrate how to produce potentially explosive rewards with low risk.

Furthermore, this course contains a free add-on where you can watch Dr. Burns trade and adapt to the market as changes happen.

This course is designed for Day Trading and Swing Trading.

Course Outline

  • Video 1 DAD
  • Video 2 MOM
  • Video 3 Waves Trail Together
  • Video 4 Patterns 123
  • Video 5 Pattern 456
  • Triple Cross Pattern
  • Trading Plan Summary
  • Trading Method Summary
  • Trading Method Sum Chart Exs
  • Top Dog Course 2
  • Step by Step Analysis of Setups
  • Rubber Band Trade
  • Reload Patterns
  • Live Trade Analysis DOM
  • Live Eagle Eye (3 mp4 files)
  • Key to Trading ( 2 mp4 files)
  • Improving Win Loss Ratio (3 mp4 files)
  • How to Analyze Setup
  • Freedom Trades Manual
  • Eagle Eye Tips
  • Eagle Eye Style
  • Eagle Eye Improvement
  • Course 2 Live Trading ( 2 mp4 file)


What will you learn?

  • How to trade reversals.
  • Getting in on a new trend before the trend begins, so you can “let your winners run.”
  • Trading inside of consolidation.
  • Exactly how to enter the market with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Where to place your initial stop (never more than 2 bars from your entry).
  • Exactly how to use a trailing stop … accurate to the tick.
  • Many extra lessons not contained in the videos or manual of Course #2.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for traders who already took the first trading course but use momentum indicators incorrectly or ineffectively.


Additional Information

This course should only be purchased by those who have already purchased our Foundations Course on Cycles and Trends since this course builds on the information in the first course.



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