Basic Day Trading Techniques – Michael Jenkins

Basic Day Trading Techniques by Michael Jenkins is all about teaching day trading principles and is dedicated to beginners with a tough time making profits.

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MS Day Trading

Course Overview

When you day trade, you buy and sell stocks, commodities, or currencies within the same trading day. This means that when you’re day trading, you’re attempting to make a profit by leveraging large amounts of capital. This way, you can maximize and take advantage of small price movements.

However, because you’re using leverage, day trading can be dangerous, so you need several day trading tips to help. The best day trading tip is to use thorough and well-thought-out day trading strategies. Day trading strategies by Michael Jenkins can help you navigate your way through the trading markets, allowing you to come up with a plan for when you face specific trading scenarios.


Course Outline

  • Where To Begin
  • Stops
  • Measured Moves
  • Support & Resistance
  • Square Roots In Time
  • Angles
  • Developing Trading Strategies
  • Business Plan
  • Basic Overlap Methods
  • Basket Program Arbitrage
  • Options
  • How Do They Get Out?
  • Volume
  • What Goes Round Comes Round
  • Gimmicks Short Time Exposure
  • Pattern Trades
  • Flags, Pennants, & Triangles
  • Characteristics of Market Players
  • Basic Time Cycles
  • Putting Our Game Plan Together
  • Moon Cycles
  • Review of Charts: Entry and Exits
  • The Jenkins Time Conversion Bar
  • Recap On Basic Trading Steps


What Will You Learn?

  • Navigate your way through the day trading markets
  • Coming up with a plan for when you face specific trading scenarios
  • Outline a specification for your trades, including rules for trade entries and exits
  • Setting rules for your trades to prevent you from making emotional decisions
  • Making a better-informed decision, leading to more successful day trading results
  • Designing your personal day trading strategies, including specifications for
    • Trade entries
    • Trade filters and triggers
    • Rules for trade exits
    • Money management
    • Timeframes
    • Order types


Who is This Course For?

Basic Day Trading Techniques by Michael Jenkins is for the day trading beginner who will appreciate the more basic money-making skills in the trading industry.



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