John Jace – Trading Harmonically with the Universe

In Trading Harmonically with the Universe by John Jace lies what leads to all movements of the market, helping you precisely predict whatever is coming.

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Course overview

Trading Harmonically with the Universe by John Jace walks you through a brand-new concept of observing and analyzing all financial markets – using the universal concept. Thanks to the extraordinary approaches, John Jace has all the confidence in the world and is willing to show real-life forecasts and their results.

Trading Harmonically with the Universe by John Jace offers completely unique methods that are worth more than 1000 hours of research and can easily cut your learning curve short to make you become a self-sufficient trader making accurate predictions in desired markets, including day trading, swing trading, and the like.


Course outline

  • DVD 1
  • DVD 2
  • DVD 3
  • DVD 4
  • DVD 5
  • DVD 6
  • SlideShow
  • Files


What will you learn?

  • Forecast the movements of the market using cycles
  • The key secrets behind the process of forecasting
  • What are ‘cycles’ and how to trade them for profit in all financial markets
  • Harmonics and the revolutionary harmonic financial astrology approach
  • The coordinate systems and the concept of symmetry
  • Astronomical functions during day trading and swing trading
  • Why ‘cycles’ affect the market differently


Who is this course for?

In Trading Harmonically with the Universe by John Jace presents an extraordinary way to observe the market actions, which can spark interest in traders at all levels.


John Jace

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