John Richardson – Unique Options Trading Strategy

Unique Options Trading Strategy by John Richardson takes the traditional way of teaching options trading to the next level with progressive methods.

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Course overview

Unique Options Trading Strategy by John Richardson boasts the combination of what’s best in traditional methods and progressive approaches of options trading strategies, thus taking the proven and backtested knowledge from the past to the next level and benefiting any trader in modern financial markets.

Worthing more than 18 hours of video, Unique Options Trading Strategy covers everything you need before, during, and even after the course to make sure that you fully understand all the essentials and strategies, as well as develop the self-sufficiency of making profits whether the markets are going up, down, or even nowhere.

Course outline

  • Consistent Options Income
  • Smart Levels

What will you learn?

  • Understanding the traditional options trading
  • Complex options initiation and adjustments
  • Knowing how to precisely adjust your trades with no vague interpretation
  • Placing conditional market orders depending on the market movement during the day
  • Rules of the trading system and their benefits
  • Trading a single stock index options for easy tracking and risk reduction
  • Reducing your risk significantly by less presence in the market
  • Rules and strategies to apply for the next 48 months by using real proven data from the past
  • Getting insights with simulated trading using real data
  • Knowing exactly what to do against any movement of the market
  • The confidence of being well-prepared

Who is this course for?

Unique Options Trading Strategy by John Richardson holds the knowledge and the experience of over 25 years in the markets that prove to be extremely valuable to options traders at all levels, especially beginners.



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