Larry Connors – The Best of the Professional Traders Journal. Options Trading and Volatility Trading

The Best of the Professional Traders Journal: Options Trading and Volatility Trading teaches you how not to lose money like the other 97% of options traders. With this course, you will be able to move the odds decidedly in your favor for higher profitability

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Course overview

The Best of the Professional Traders Journal. Options Trading and Volatility Trading introduces to you 4 robust options methodologies that can heavily stack the odds in your favor. In addition, the course also shares with you the powerful indicator, historical volatility, to conquer the futures, stock, and options markets.

This course is designed for Stock Trading, Futures Trading, and Options Trading.


Course Outline

  • Introduction To Options
  • Trading Volatility With Options
  • Trading Options With The Connors VIX Reversal
  • Options On Stock Splits
  • Exploiting Over-Priced Stock Sector Options
  • Introduction To Volatility
  • Modifying Trade Size and Stop Placement Based On Volatility Measurement
  • Trading Where The Action Is
  • Additional Volatility Research


What will you learn?

  • Basic knowledge of Options and Volatility. 
  • How to exploit stock splits and inefficiencies.
  • How to employ 4 powerful options methodologies.
  • How to use the powerful indicator: historical volatility. 


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for individual investors, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and bank trading desks.



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