Professional Options Trading College – Joe Corona

Professional Options Trading College by Joe Corona is a professionally constructed options training program which will get you to the level of being able to make correct options decisions every day for years to come.

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Course Overview

During each session I will take you through a step-by-step process of combining specific directional strategies (most backed by at least 10 years of statistical quantification) with low- risk options trades. Naked short positions and exotic positions will not be used at any time. My goal for you is that by the time you are done with my course, you will be able to come into the trading day, identify the lowest risk/highest potential return edges which exist, and know exactly which options strategies to trade.


Course Outline

  • Session 1: Base knowledge of options
  • Session 2 – 6: Strategies
  • Session 7: Professional Strategies
  • Session 8: Magnetic Strike Price Strategy
  • Session 9 – 10: How to construct your options business
  • Session 11-14: Record


What Will You Learn?

  • Learn special strategies to trade earnings reports and seasonal spreads
  • Learn the two parameters to look for and how to find them
  • Learn more professional strategies including strategies to trade rallies, strategies to trade declining markets
  • How to make money in a sideways market
  • How to select the correct broker, how to properly place orders, how to minimize your costs, how to set-up your options screens, how to automate your scans and how to make sure you are in the lowest risk positions while at the same time being in a potential position to fully maximize your returns


Who Is This Course For?

Elliot Wave Course is designed for all traders to get you to the level of being able to make correct options decisions every day for years to come.


Joe Corona

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