Market Geometry – Timothy Morge

Market Geometry by Timothy Morge walks you through tried-and-true techniques for insights into technical

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MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

The Market Geometry Mentoring by Timothy Morge guides the methods to interpret the datas and shapes of the trends in the trading charts. In other words, this course presents effective chart reading skills.

There are many illustrated charts in the course throughout the in-depth analysis by Timothy. So, the signals and market patterns are pointed out for more accurate forecast of turning points of market trends.

Course Outline

Access to how Timothy Morge read charts and analyzed market trends’ patterns!

What Will You Learn?

  • The best practices of analysis techniques for market forecasting.
  • How to develop strategies based on insights of chart reading and database analysis.
  • Glimpses into how a professional trader develops and applies his powerful strategies.
  • Illustrated examples and case studies for a better understanding of the whole process.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is a great addition to every trader’s trading learning process. A coherent instruction on technical analysis is combined with illustrations of case studies. So, it can help novice and seasoned traders learn techniques through the lens of reality.



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