Chart Reading for Professional Traders – Michael Jenkins

Chart Reading for Professional Traders demonstrates the principles of chart reading and technical analysis as applied to chart reading for trading purposes.

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Michael Jenkins, Stockcyclesforecast
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Chart Reading for Professional Traders by Michael Jenkins is a complete, comprehensive study on technical analysis, including reading charts, forecasting the markets, time cycles, and trading strategies. The course will explain the reversal of trends, when to expect them, and how to know the trend has changed and shows you how to forecast with great reliability how long the new trend will last and its price target.


As does Geometry of Markets, Chart Reading for Professional Traders by Michael Jenkins discusses in depth the Gann techniques of time and price. It progresses to the very advanced concepts of technical analysis and day trading with circular arc segments and calculating final high and low price targets. Each principle is demonstrated with numerous chart illustrations and real-world applications. The information found in this book is unique with many of the techniques discovered personally by Mr. Jenkins and found nowhere else.


Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts
  • Trend
  • Forecasting
  • Circular Arcs
  • Support & Resistance
  • Waves
  • Angles
  • The Hourly Chart
  • Emotional Charts
  • Common Patterns
  • Long Term Charts
  • Mirror Images
  • Volume
  • Strategy
  • Intraday Day Patterns
  • Step by Step
  • S&P Futures Trading
  • Trading Stocks
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Appendix A Examples


What Will You Learn?

  • When to expect trend reversals and to know whether they have been changed or not
  • Incredibly accurate forecasting of what the new trend’s price target is and how long it will last
  • The Gann techniques of time and price
  • Advanced concepts of technical analysis, including calculating the final high and low price objectives and using circular arc segments in day trading
  • Several chart examples and practical uses in real-life trading situations


Who is This Course For?

Chart Reading for Professional Traders by Michael Jenkins is an incredible combination of day trading knowledge and technical analysis, best suited for anyone looking to enhance their reading chart ability.



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