Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course – Follow Me Trades

Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades holds everything about Ichimoku Cloud and how it is applied alongside other analysis techniques.

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Course overview

Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades clears out the cloudy confusion you may get when taking on advanced technical analysis techniques like the Ichimoku Cloud, Elliott Wave, and Fibonacci. Starting from the fundamental concept, learners will be walked through the combination of Ichimoku Cloud and Elliott Wave methods so that they can have practical insights into the movements, price action, and clear patterns of all financial markets.

By leveraging such information, you will soon understand how to develop your own strategies for the top-out profits with reasonable chances of risk. Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course also makes sure that learners can adapt these techniques and know how to customize them to fit the desired time frames for the most optimal profitability.


Course outline

  • Video Recording of Training Session #1
  • Video Recording of Training Session #2
  • Video Recording of Training Session #3
  • Video on Scanning
  • SP 100 iCloud 8-31-16
  • Ichimoku Cloud Training Module
  • FMT Ichimoku Elliott Trading Rules


What will you learn?

  • The fundamentals of Ichimoku Cloud with vivid illustrations of charts and detailed explanation
  • Effective ways to combine Ichimoku Cloud, Elliott Wave, and Fibonacci
  • Walkthrough of techniques for technical analysis including candle charts, moving average for forecasting the next moves of the market
  • Ichimoku Cloud settings based on the Fibonacci ratios for a more precise forecast
  • Guidelines for building up strategies for top-out profits
  • Risk management for consistent profitability


Who is this course for?

Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades contains two complex trading techniques that are exclusively suitable for advanced traders with deep knowledge of technical analysis.



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