Trading & Investing Automation for AmiBroker – Amibroker

Trading & Investing Automation for AmiBroker – Amibroker teach users how to generate, semi or fully automate, buy and sell signals for multi-strategy, multi-system, and portfolio-level trading and investing.

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MS Technical Analysis

Course overview

Trading & Investing Automation for AmiBroker – Amibroker explores how relatively easy it is to generate and process multiple independent trading strategies or investing strategy signals while using only one brokerage account, allowing us to manage and diversify portfolios and to reduce the effort and time spent daily.  All of this can be accomplished while considerably minimizing or eliminating potential order entry errors on the order entry and exit workflow process side.

This course is designed for Technical Analysis.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction and Who this Course is for
  • Module 2: Reasons to Semi or Fully Automate Trading or Investing Workflow
  • Module 3: The Difference Between Semi and Full Automation
  • Module 4: Introductory Overview of the Semi and Full Automation Process
  • Module 5: Technology Stack Overviews
  • Module 6: How to Setup and Configure the Tech Stack
  • Module 7: Day-to-Day Operation
  • Module 8: Another System/Strategy Example using MACD Signals
  • Module 9: Switching from Paper Trading to Live Trading
  • Module 10: Integration Assistance
  • Module 11: Next Steps
  • Module 12: Course Downloads and Resources
  • Module 13: Course Additions and Corrections


What will you learn?

  • Who the course is for.
  • Why should traders automate the investing workflow.
  • What benefit will be borne from their decision of going automated.
  • How to change the original RSI-2 Code – Version 2.0.
  • How to alternative RSI-2 Script using Custom Backtester Interface (CBT) – Version 1.0.

Who is this course for?

The approach covered in this course is really designed for simpler trade automation and active trading or investing system diversification for anyone.



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