A-Z Fibonacci Analysis- Carolyn Boroden

A-Z Fibonacci Analysis by Carolyn Boroden guides you through price analysis techniques, the right time to trade most effectively.

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MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

A-Z Fibonacci Analysis by Carolyn Boroden includes all of the same material taught in face-to-face workshops except for question/answer times and “real life” work in which students reproduce work with CBs. The video also includes some technical analysis in addition to past examples.


Course Outline

Price Analysis

  • Focus on current markets and trade setups in a variety of markets
  • Fibonacci Price clusters
  • Symmetry setups
  • Two-step patterns



  • How to run Fibonacci Time Projections using two points and three points
  • Learn how these time projections can traders of potential change in trend
  • Demonstrate the Automated Fibonacci Time Clusters tool within the Dynamic Trader
  • Trade Entry & Risk Management


Trade ENTRY techniques

  • Where to place stop-loss orders
  • Trade management including suggestions on how to trail up stops


What will you learn?

  • How to analyze prices and set up trades in multiple markets
  • How to operate Fibonacci Time Projections
  • Know the right time to stop loss


Who is this course for?

A-Z Fibonacci Analysis is for all investors who want to master technical analysis skills in all markets.



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