Introduction to Spotting Elliott Wave Trading Opportunities – Elliott Wave

This course guides how to turn insights into price patterns into opportunity map! So, the increase in your trading profitability will be an obvious outcome!

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Course Overview

Introduction to Spotting Elliott Wave Trading Opportunities by Elliott Wave provides an ample chance to learn the basics of Elliott Wave principles. Also, you will take a look inside at how Jeffrey Kennedy analyzes price charts and develops viable strategies.

Course Outline

  • The fundamentals of the Elliott Wave principle: the rules, wave personalities, wave structures, and Fibonacci relationships.
  • Assessment of a price pattern.
  • Get the right timing of trade starts/stops.
  • The simplest rules and guidelines for the most powerful applications.
  • The application of a unique Fibonacci technique for risk/reward evaluation.
  • Jeffrey’s favorite Elliott Wave patterns.
  • Jeffrey’s proven diagonal triangle strategies.
  • Instructions on trading the Zone, among Jeffrey’s robust strategies.
  • The calculation of stop levels and targets with high accuracy.


What Will You Learn?

  • Mastering the Elliott Wave principle, a legendary framework, for insights into the trading market.
  • The step-by-step guideline on spotting Elliott Wave patterns enhances strategy development.
  • The best practices of balancing between trading risks and rewards.
  • Learning practical methods along with examples and case studies for a better understanding of the frameworks.
  • Glimpses into how a professional trader like Jeffrey Kenedy uses Elliott Wave for strategy development and risk management.


Who Is This Course For?

Introduction to Spotting Elliott Wave Trading Opportunities by Elliott Wave is a great deal for novice traders. Its simple guideline on techniques and the applications of Elliott Wave principles help beginners decode volatile market trends.



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