MotiveWave Ultimate v4.2.27 (Windows &Mac OS X) (Aug 2016)

The MotiveWave Ultimate Edition is a comprehensive and ready-to-use advanced charting and trading platform that does not require any additional modules.

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Course Overview

MotiveWave Software is a well-established developer of easy-to-use full-featured charting, technical analysis, and trading platforms built for individual traders. Our product “MotiveWave” has very advanced charting and drawing tools that are highly customizable and yet still easy to use, and also specializes in advanced analysis tools like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Gartley, Gann, and Ratio Analysis.


MotiveWave has all of the features (and more) that you would expect in a professional standalone trading platform, including scanners, strategy trading, custom strategies, backtesting, optimization (genetic and exhaustive), replay mode, walk-forward testing, reporting, and trade simulation.


Course Outline

The MotiveWave Ultimate Edition is a comprehensive advanced charting and trading platform. It has all of our features and functionality so there are NO Modules to add on. The application includes:

  • Everything in the Professional Edition, plus
  • Gann Components
  • Elliott Wave Tools (Manual and Automatic wave plotting and decomposing of waves, Auto Analyze, Elliott Wave Scanner, all Elliott Wave Rules, and Guidelines supported and enforced)
  • Automatic Wave Labeling (wave patterns and labels added for you)
  • Elliott Wave Study
  • Auto Analyzer (for Elliott Wave)
  • Elliott Wave Scanner
  • Elliott Wave Strategies
  • Gartley Tools (Manual, Auto Gartley)
  • Harmonic Shape Study
  • Gartley Scanner


What Will You Learn?

  • MotiveWave is broker and data feed neutral. More than 30 brokers and data service providers are integrated, and more are always being added. This gives you maximum flexibility to choose as many connections as you want. Yes, you can connect to as many as you want.
  • Develop custom indicators and strategies: MotiveWave has a free Java Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables you to build and develop your own indicators and automated strategies. Or you can use 3rd party add-ons to enhance your MotiveWave platform.
  • Cross-Platform Software: MotiveWave runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux without having to run parallel.
  • Community Edition Support: Support for the Community Edition is provided by the User Community. The MotiveWave Forum is your place to ask questions about and get help with, the Community Edition from other MotiveWave Users.


Who is This Course For?

MotiveWave Ultimate is best suited for anyone who looking for a helping hand regarding technical analysis, whether you are a beginner or a professional.



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