Geometric Trader Level 1 – Geometric Trading

Geometric Trader Level 1 by Geometric Trading addresses a wide range of analysis techniques. So, you can learn to develop effective strategies and tactics for the consistent growth of your trading profits.

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Course Overview

Geometric Trading is a trading approach that makes use of the science of geometry to forecast marketplace reversals in price and time. Most of the material on Market Geometry has been a carefully guarded secret until now.

All is discovered in Geometric Trader Level 1 by Geometric Trading. The main purpose of the collection is to assist investors to have a clearer study of Geometric trading. The route is achieved in a straightforward manner, so all you want to do is loosen up and permit Geometrictrading to walk you through the step-by-step process.


Course Outline

  • Know Thyself.
  • Know Your Enemy.
  • What Moves Markets.
  • Fundamental Vs. Technical Analysis.
  • Fibonacci Versus Gann.
  • M. Gartley.
  • Trend Reversal Gartley Patterns.
  • Trend Continuation Gartley Patterns.
  • Gartley Trading Method Automation.
  • Putting it All Together.


What Will You Learn?

  • Many new and helpful methods of technical analysis.
  • How to spot patterns for more accurate market forecasting.
  • Illustrated case studies and examples for a practical understanding of how the techniques are applied to real trading markets.


Who Is This Course For?

Geometric Trader Level 1 by Geometric Trading is for all traders at every level as it instructs you on the fundamentals and helpful tips for much more effective analysis. Thus, it will not discourage beginners while leveling up the skills of many experienced traders.



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