Secrets of Forecasting Using Wave59 Tools (Book I & II) – Neall Concord-Cushing

Secrets of Forecasting Using Wave59 Tools compiles not only clear explanations but also practical tips and tricks for technical analysis and forecasting.

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Neall Concord-Cushing
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

In this 2-book set – Secrets of Forecasting Using Wave59 Tools, Neall Concord-Cushing explains his unique technical analysis and forecasting techniques using Wave59 tools. Book 1 describes Static Time Counts, Bar Counts, Cycles, Pitchforks, Gann Angles, and the Vortex. Book 2 continues with Retracement Levels, Channel harmonics, Mirror Images, placing the Vortex using Rings of Price/Time, Vortex grids, Zero point projections, and instructions on how to bring it all together into a unified system of forecasting.


Course Outline

Secrets of Forecasting Using Wave59 Tools (Book 1)

  • Chapter 1 – The Buck Starts Here
  • Chapter 2 – Static Time Counts
  • Chapter 3 – Finding Harmonic Intervals – Bar Counter
  • Chapter 4 – Finding Cycles from Scratch
  • Chapter 5 – Surfing the Channel – Andrews Pitchfork
  • Chapter 6 – Following Impulses
  • Chapter 7 – Master Gann Fan
  • Chapter 8 – Fibonacci Vortex – Parting the Veil
  • Chapter 9 – Building a Grid – Fibonacci Vortex
  • Appendix – Following the Fork – An Exercise
  • Appendix B – Gann’s Tunnel
  • Appendix C – Fibonacci Vortex
  • Appendix D – Squaring a Chart


Secrets of Forecasting Using Wave59 Tools (Book 2)

  • Chapter 1 Winning – The Name of the Game
  • Chapter 2 – Retracement Level Resonance
  • Chapter 3 – Channel Harmonics
  • Chapter 4 – Mirror Image Foldback
  • Chapter 5 – Placing Fibonacci Vortex using Rings of Price Time
  • Chapter 6 – Start-Stop Time Frame
  • Chapter 7 – Zero Point Projections
  • Chapter 8 – Glitches or Signals – Embedded Points
  • Chapter 9 – Combing Tools – Creating a System
  • Appendix A Gann’s Tunnel Revisited


What Will You Learn?

  • Where forecasting begins – where it can and can’t go.
  • How do numbers align in sets that we can know and trade
  • What are harmonic intervals?
  • Multiple starts points reveal hidden patterns
  • 3-point placement – 4-point confirmation
  • Recognizing the end of a trend with channel sequence patterns
  • Using multiple Gann Fans
  • Dissecting the Fibonacci Vortex into its parts
  • Using the Fib Vortex to build a matrix grid on the chart
  • An exercise in placing and moving an Andrews Pitchfork
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

The Secret of Forecasting Using Wave59 Tools by Neall Concord-Cushing is a 2-book combo that will expand the boundaries of technical analysis and the ability to forecast for traders at any level.



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