12 Major Candlestick Signals – Stephen W. Bigalow

12 Major Candlestick Signals by Stephen W. Bigalow sheds light on trading techniques and strategies to decode trend patterns and gain practical insights for effective strategy development. 

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Book Overview

12 Major Candlestick Signals by Stephen W. Bigalow breaks down techniques of candlesticks and patterns for certain market movements into details. Besides, there are illustrated charts and examples for you to have practical understanding of how to apply techniques to real trades. The fundamentals are covered through coherent instructions for even beginners can grasp full insights.

Book Outline

  • Basics of Japanese Candlesticks
  • Doji Signals
  • Bullish Engulfing Signal
  • Bearish Engulfing Signal
  • Hammer Signal
  • Hanging Man Signal
  • Piercing Pattern
  • Dark Cloud
  • Bullish Harami
  • Bearish Harami
  • Morning Star
  • Evening Star
  • Kicker Signals
  • Shooting Star
  • Inverted Hammer

What Will You Learn?

  • Common candlestick patterns and the implications.
  • The basics of candlestick techniques.
  • Chart reading skills to draw valuable insights into the market volatility.
  • Vivid charts and real-world case studies.

Who Is This Book For?

The book is great for those who are new to candlestick charts and want to build up the foundation.



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