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One of Wyckoff’s legacies was to offer his students with a sequencing of how the market moves in the Wyckoff in Modern Market I course by Trading Psychology Edge.

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Course Overview

If you want to learn how to apply Wyckoff ideas to today’s market, this Wyckoff in Modern Market I course by Trading Psychology Edge might help. Richard Wyckoff prepared a case study on the 1930-1931 market that was excellent in teaching students how to read the market bar-by-bar. The concepts and market principles discussed in this case study can have a significant influence on traders’ comprehension of market behavior. Dr. Gary will go over the first part of Wyckoff’s case study, which outlines all of the characteristics of an uptrend from its inception to its conclusion. Wyckoff provided his pupils with a sequence of how the market moves as one of his legacies.

Wyckoff in Modern Market I Course outline

  • Selling Climax
  • Secondary Tests
  • How to tell a bottom without climactic action
  • Identifying the differences between stopping volume and climactic action
  • Jump Across the Creek
  • How to tell when a corrective reaction is about to take place
  • Understanding the characteristics of a corrective pullback so you are not scared out of a perfectly sound long position
  • Identifying when a corrective wave is likely to be over
  • Understanding the characteristics of a bullish advance
  • Understanding the little-known concept of Absorption, including atypical variants
  • Elements of a Buying Climax

What will you learn?

  • Learn from examples in current markets of each of the principles.
  • Better understanding of human behavior in the form of market action as reflected in the charts.
  • Learn more about Wyckoff’s principles and concepts, which can be applied into a practical trading method for both intraday and intermediate (swings of 2-10 days) trading.

Who is this course for?

Wyckoff in Modern Market I is designed to:

  • Traders with extensive knowledge in swing trading and intraday trading, are looking for courses to help them level up their skills.
  • Traders who want to spend more time on practical case studies in trading.


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