Private Ephemeris 1941-1950 – W.D. Gann

Private Ephemeris 1941-1950 by W.D. Gann holds profitable knowledge that has been only passed between members within an inner circle.

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W.D. Gann Expert, W.D. Gann
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Perhaps the most important part of W.D. Gann’s technical analysis and forecasting tools is his Ephemeris. Never before has this book been in the public domain. In fact, for several years, the Private Ephemeris 1941-1950 by W.D. Gann was deemed to be “missing” and was only rediscovered in 1997 when it was returned to its rightful owners. Since then it has been religiously guarded under lock and key in the vault with only less than a handful of people have had access to it.


Course Outline

  • Private Ephemeris 1941-1950 – W.D. Gann.pdf


What Will You Learn?

  • Many clues to Mr. Gann’s methodology
  • Demonstrations of one of his major timing techniques for prediction
  • Studying past markets and determine what is important to your own trading and forecasting
  • How W.D. Gann used these timing techniques to carry out many of his well-documented trades
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

Private Ephemeris 1941-1950 by W.D. Gann requires certain knowledge before you can actually digest its content, which makes it only beneficial to advanced traders.


W.D. Gann

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