MarketTrader Titanium Plus (March 2013)

MarketTrader Titanium Plus (March 2013) is the software that won awards from “technical analysis stocks and commodities magazine” for its artificial intelligence and neural net functions.

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MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

The theory behind all of MarketTrader Titanium Plus (March 2013) modules is to use part of the historical price graph to backtrack and educate itself using multiple astronomy/astrology criteria. The computer will find the past performance of these criteria and give weights to each one according to their track record.

It will keep going back and forth over the price graph, readjusting the weights for each criterion using special statistical techniques, NeuralNet, and special mathematics. It will then use all of these weighted values that it has learned to predict future turning points.


Course Outline

  • Atlas and time changes
  • Calculations
  • Historical price data
  • Indexes
  • And more


What Will You Learn?

  • No need to search through the latitudes and longitudes and search for time changes. Just enter the name of the town or city and the coordinates and time zone changes are automatically input
  • You can calculate natal horoscopes, then save them to the file for later use
  • Learn all four versions of the Market Trader program work with ASCII format, CSI format, and MetaStock format
  • You can set the program to work with tops, bottoms, days when the price is up-and-down certain percentages or use any indexes


Who Is This Course For?

MarketTrader Titanium Plus (March 2013) is for you if you are interested in knowing what astrological/astronomical phenomena move certain markets, the Market Trader programs have all the tools to do all types of astrological /astronomical testing and research.



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