Founder of Edge Clear and Convergent Trading.

Most known as FuturesTrader71 (FT71), this pro futures trader’s real name is Morad Askar. Morad began his trading journey back in 2000 as a high-frequency NASDAQ equities day trader. In 2001, he left a successful career in engineering behind to pursue trading full time. He is currently Managing Director of Convergent Trading, a unique online virtual prop firm, and the 100% owner of Edge Clear LLC, an Introducing Broker for futures traders. 

FuturesTrader71 offers you key trading resources designed to help increase your potential as a trader. On his website,, FuturesTrader71 provides real-time updates on what’s driving market behavior and the key ideas needed to look at for that day to help you stay on your toes in such an ever-changing market.

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