BookMap v4.5.0 build 153 (With all Add-Ons) (Sep 2016) – BookMap

BookMap v4.5.0 build 153 (With all Add-Ons) (Sep 2016) by BookMap offers a unique perspective when watching the Depth of Market (DOM) dynamics & order book evolution.

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BookMap, Time Frames
MS Financial Markets

Course Overview

Traders of all time frames and genres are demanding more. More transparency. Clearer insights into not only price and time but limit order book information as well. Today’s traders are becoming more sophisticated, more aware and more educated. They are expecting a different class of tool, a different platform born in the world of sub second data and Bookmap delivers.


The trainers collaborate with individuals in need to deliver personalized solutions built on the fascinating Bookmap Platform. Also, they can easily link to bespoke ticker plants and aggregated limit order books, or they may be deployed to assist in the creation of unique visualizations for Transaction Cost Analyses (TCA) models or other analysis in a T+ xx time frame.


What Will You Learn?

  • Unparalleled transparency into today’s algo driven markets
  • The entire evolution of the limit order book, not just price, time and volume
  • Deep explanation of market structure


Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who need to gain the perfect logical strategy.
  • Those who need an all-in-one course, including: price, time, volume and more.


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