Workshop: High-Probability Breakout Trades – Base Camp Trading

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Workshop: High-Probability Breakout Trades by ​Base Camp Trading highlights timely entries and exits for optimal risk/reward ratios. Along with theory instructions, you will also learn effective frameworks through real case studies.  

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Financial Markets

Course Overview

Workshop: High-Probability Breakout Trades by ​Base Camp Trading is an opportunity to learn the best timing in the financial market. Specifically, you learn to enter and exit the financial market in the most profitable way without sacrificing any potential gain.

The course will be displayed in a video session with a duration of 3 hours and 47 minutes. So, you can rewatch the video session as much as you like in order to strengthen your trading knowledge.

Course Outline

  • Common mistakes with false breakouts.
  • How to avoid costly pitfalls of trading false breakouts.
  • Timing exit trades with the aid of the Profit Targets.
  • Access to real-life examples and case studies of breakout trades.
  • The 4-Part Checklist for optimal market entries and exits.

What Will You Learn?

  • Taking a lens of reality through a real case study of turning $900 into $1,300 on one-contract trades.
  • Best practices of trading breakouts.
  • How to spot false breakouts and avoid stumbling into costly pitfalls.
  • How to get an optimal timing of market entries and exits to maximize profits and minimize losses.

Who Is This Course For?

The course will be a great help for any traders who want to improve their timing skills to earn the best profits and undertake the least risky trades.



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